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Estate Planning

Wills, trusts and essential tools to build your legacy

Everybody needs an estate plan. It is a common misconception that estate plans are only for the wealthy. Having a well-thought-out estate plan in place is a gift that you give your family, and also provides peace of mind for you. It clarifies your wishes for what will happen to your estate after your death so your loved ones are not left to sort it out themselves, potentially fighting over what you would have wanted. An estate plan can also provide a safety net for children as well as outline your wishes around your finances and medical care should you become unable to make these decisions for yourself. We are committed to helping you craft a personalized plan that fits your life and your goals, with an emphasis on smart tax strategy.

Estate Plan Taxation

Nuanced tax strategy

All estate plans deal in some capacity with taxes. But not all estate planning attorneys have an L.L.M. in taxation. Ours does. With all the complex decisions involved in estate planning, it helps to have an attorney on your side who knows tax law inside and out. Our firm can help you make the right decisions and take the appropriate steps to protect your assets for what matters to you and your family in the future. Our combination of estate planning experience built on a strong base of tax knowledge provides a powerful combination that ensures your family will be protected in the years to come

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