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Common Beneficiary Designation Mistakes

Designating beneficiaries seems pretty straightforward. At its core, it is simply the listing of individuals to whom you intend to pass your property and assets. Unfortunately, mistakes involving the designation of beneficiaries are one of the most common that I see. To help my clients avoid this sort of error, I ask my clients hard questions and then help them work towards protecting themselves, [...]

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San Jose Estate Planning Attorney Explains Estate Planning for Special Needs Beneficiaries

Estate planning is essential for anyone interested in passing their assets onto his or her loved ones. But for those with children with special needs such as physical or mental disabilities, estate planning can be an even more complex and fraught process, especially if your loved one receives Supplemental Security Income or SSI. Without the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, you could draw [...]

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San Jose Estate Planning Attorney Reviews Long-Term Asset Protection Considerations

People in the Bay Area tend to be optimists, especially when it comes to their estate planning. First, they believe that whatever assets they have amassed will last them forever, regardless of what life throws at them. More specifically, they often think that they will not get severely incapacitated, will not need long-term care, and that their assets won’t be taxed or caught up [...]

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Incentive Trusts for Family Members with Substance Abuse and Gambling Issues

It is extremely difficult to deal with a family member who is struggling with addiction issues. This is particularly true if the family member is an adult child and the parents have had to make fraught decisions regarding whether to help support their child or to cut him or her off. This tension is compounded when the parents engage in estate planning. They often [...]

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The Reality: Why Khloe Kardashian is making critical health care decisions for Lamar Odom

Recently we've heard that NBA star Lamar Odom's health issues have resulted in hospitalization and have temporarily incapacitated him. Due to the fact that his divorce from reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has not been finalized, and he apparently did not update his estate plan, it seems that his estranged wife remains the decision-maker when it comes to his health care, and perhaps even [...]

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Don’t Delay. Plan Today.

As a mobile notary, I have spent the past decade jumping on the road after receiving a frantic request from a family member because Mom has taken a spill, Dad has to go in for heart surgery, or young Joey has had an accident and will be laid up in the hospital for an indefinite period of time. Suddenly, the call for a Power [...]

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4 Tips for Nominating the right Guardian for your Minor Children

Guardianship refers to naming a surrogate parent for your minor children in the event that you and the other parent are unable to care for them. Normally, you nominate the guardian(s) in your Will. The court has final approval, but state laws generally require the court to give your nomination the highest regard. If you do not make a provision for guardianship in your [...]

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The Greatest Love of All – Protect Your Kids

Although Estate Planning is not only for the uber-rich, the errors made by the wealthy individuals in the public eye can provide a lesson for us all. As we examine a recent case, we are reminded why attorneys recommend that we keep our Trust and Will updated as our assets and family dynamics change and we may wish to employ more appropriate strategies. Singer [...]

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Power of Attorney Panic – A True Story

About three months ago a client, Tami, called me in a panic. I was the agent for her first home purchase a few years ago and we'd become friendly --getting together for a glass of wine every few months. It must have been a while since I'd checked in, because I was surprised to hear the gigantic news that her mom had been diagnosed [...]

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