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Estate Planning Attorney Answers: Should I Be Worried that My Trustee Holding Back Distribution of Assets?

Once a loved one passes away, his or her assets that are placed in a trust must be distributed according to the trust’s terms. Trust beneficiaries often become impatient waiting for distribution and become angry with the trustee. Many people ask why distribution can be delayed for long and whether beneficiaries should be worried. There are many answers to those questions. Because these are questions [...]

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San Jose Estate Planning Attorney Explains Common Estate Planning Terminology

Silicon Valley is famous for creating its tech-centric vocabulary. But the estate planning vernacular makes tech seem simple. When I see new clients for an initial estate planning session, it often feels like I am a translator working to interpret a foreign language, not an attorney trying to help a person through one of life’s most essential processes. While everyone should engage in the estate [...]

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Why You Need an Experienced Attorney Rather than a DIY Estate Plan

Many people procrastinate over arrangements for the succession of their financial legacy and other estate planning concerns. While concerns about the financial investment needed to create an estate plan might provide a motivation for cheap DIY options, these strategies can prove very expensive. Individuals considering self-help estate planning options have a range of alternatives that include DIY guides, pre-printed forms, estate planning software, interactive [...]

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