Can We Help You Administer A Living Trust?

A Living Trust makes the passing of an estate at death less expensive and time-consuming than any other method. However, there are still important issues to address when someone passes away – even when the successor is the surviving spouse.

Some of the critical, time-sensitive issues are:

  • Notification of Beneficiaries and Heirs
  • Asset Valuation, including:
    • Establishing Tax Basis of Assets
    • Obtaining Real Estate Appraisals
    • Estate Valuation
  • Making Tax Elections and filing an Estate Tax Return, if needed
  • Preparation and recording of an Affidavit of Death to remove deceased from title to real estate property and financial accounts

Your Living Trust is an important part of your Estate Plan, and you need comprehensive, compassionate help with the administration process. Contact us at 408-379-9600 or send an online message to schedule your initial consultation.