Tax Preparation Services

The Law Offices of Linda J. MacKay is proud to offer Tax Preparation Services. For every client, we are committed to providing a high level of professional and personal care, expert tax advice, and reasonably priced tax preparation service.

We provide the following services:

  • Individual Returns
  • Self-employed Returns
  • Trust & Estate Returns
  • Tax Consultation

Tax Preparation Services are charged on a flat-fee basis.

Linda J. MacKay, Attorney


Linda MacKay is the founder of the Law Offices of Linda J. MacKay in San Jose, California.

Linda is a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law and also holds an LL.M. in Taxation from Golden Gate University, and has been practicing estate planning and tax law in Santa Clara County since 1997.

Ms. MacKay provides expert counsel on tax matters, as well as impeccable tax return preparation. With years of experience in the field of tax, she is able to analyze your personal profile, tailor her advice to suit your specific needs and ensure the proper tax reporting for you, minimizing your future tax liability. With an extensive background in Estate Planning, Ms. MacKay has particular expertise in filing Trust & Estate returns.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am a new client, what should I bring to my appointment? Bring all your tax statements for the filing year and a copy of the return you filed the previous year so it can be used for reference.

2. When can I schedule a tax appointment? Tax consultation appointments are available Monday through Friday, during business hours.

3. How much do you charge to prepare my tax return? Tax Preparation services are charged on a flat-fee basis. This can vary based on the complexity of your return. If you require additional schedules (such as dividend and interest on Schedule B, business information on Schedule C, capital gains and losses on Schedule D and/or rental income and losses on Schedule E); supporting forms (such as those for the child tax credit or additional charitable donation information); or whether your return has "out of the ordinary" line items (like Roth IRA conversions or homebuyer credit repayment), this may affect your fee.

4. Can I file electronically? Yes, our office does offer this option. It is the fastest way to securely process your return and receive your refund, if any. According to, more than 1 billion individual tax returns have been safely and securely processed since the debut of electronic filing in 1990.

5. Can I file electronically if I owe taxes? Yes, we can prepare and e-file your return and the IRS also accepts electronic payments for the taxes you owe, or you can mail a check and send it in via USPS.

6. When will I receive a copy of my return? Preparation, printing and assembly of your tax return will take place after your tax consultation meeting and can be e-filed or sent to you to sign and file via U.S. mail.

7. Can you represent me if I get audited by the Internal Revenue Service? If our office prepared the return for the year that is under audit, we can provide representation. This is not included in your tax preparation fee and is subject to additional hourly fees.

{Tip: Before you sign your tax return, review it thoroughly. Make sure you understand everything and are comfortable with the accuracy of the return.}